1941 - 1945 USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 WWII

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  Inform San Diegans of the remarkable record of the USS San Diego CL 53 and her crew during WWII.

Honor the ship and her crew by erecting a permanent Memorial near downtown San Diego.

Establish a museum of USS San Diego memorabilia and artifacts on board the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.

Set up smaller displays of memorabilia at appropriate locations in San Diego

Continue publication of "THE FIVE INCHER" newsletter, first published on board the USS San Diego in 1943.

  California Non-profit Corporation - February, 1999
California Tax Exemption - Approved
Federal Tax Exemption - Approve

Association Membership
  480 Members throughout the United States

Former Directors:
  E. Robert Alderson Chairman, Chief Financial Officer
  Will Templeton Director, Plans and Policies
  Fred Whitmore Director, Museum, Displays, Fund Raising
  Julie Villanueva Director, Navy Liaison, Publicity
  Howard Ruggles Director, Community Relations
  Leonard E. Shea Director, Secretary, Asst. CFO

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