1941 - 1945 USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 WWII

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USS San Diego CL-53 Memorial


This memorial has been approved!

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USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 Memorial Association, Inc.


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Front.jpg (103941 bytes) Above - Artist rendition looking north from the south side of the memorial.

Left - Artist rendition looking west from the east side of the memorial

Below - Artist rendition looking south from the north side of the memorial.

About the

USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 Memorial Association, Inc.

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  • Their purpose is to:
    • Inform San Diegans of the remarkable record of the USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 and her crew during WWII.
    • Honor the ship and her crew by erecting a permanent memorial at the foot of Broadway at Broadway Pier in San Diego.
    • Establish a museum of USS SAN DIEGO memorabilia and artifacts on board the USS MIDWAY Aircraft Carrier Museum.
    • Continue publication of "THE FIVE INCHER" newsletter, first published on board the USS SAN DIEGO in 1943.
  • The memorial association is California Non-profit corporation established February 1999 and is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization..
  • They have 480 members throughout the United States.
  • Their operating funds come membership dues.

The Memorial Is Built!

Where is it llocated?
Just south of the Navy Pier downtown San Diego.  The Navy pier is where the USS MIDWAY will be moored.

Click on the North Embarcadero Alliance's proposed changes on the write to see a larger view.

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Who paid for the memorial?
The USS SAN DIEGO CL-53 Memorial Association, Inc. with private funding.

If you would like to donate or for more information write to

PO BOX 182142



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